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Esther Hicks (Abraham)

(March 5, 1948 - Present)

Esther Hicks (Abraham)

Esther Hicks (maiden name Weaver)is an American inspirational author and speaker. She has co-written several books, along with her husband Jerry Hicks (passed) and continues to this day to present numerous workshops on the Law of Attraction. The Hicks' books, including the series of The Law of Attraction are attributed to a group of non-physical entities referred to as Abraham. Esther often describes what she is doing as channeling, or tapping into "infinite Intelligence".

Esther Weaver was born in Coalville, Utah. In 1890 she married Jerry Hicks, who at the time was a successful Amway distributor. In his early life, Jerry Hicks had been a circus acrobate for two years in Cuba, and then, beginning in 1948, had toured for 20 years as a musician, MC, and comedian. Esther has one daughter, Tracy, from a previous marriage. Jerry Hicks passed on November, 18th, 2011 from cancer.

According to Esther and Jerry Hicks, "Abraham" consists of a group of entities, described as a group-consciousness from the non-physical dimension. The communications and teachings are then 'interpreted' by Esther Hicks as she gives her lectures.

Esther Hicks narrated and appeared in the original version of the film The Secret, as well as being a central source of the film's inspiration. The footage featuring Hicks was later removed from the "extended edition" after the film's creator, Rhonda Byrne, who has been involved in contractual disputes and litigation regarding the film, rescinded the original contract covering Hicks' participation, and asked that Hicks relinquish her "intellectual property rights in these areas forever". In an open letter posted on the internet, Hicks stated that she had been "uncomfortable with what felt to us like a rather aggressive marketing campaign," and that ultimately Abraham gave her the following advice: "Whenever you are given an ultimatum that says, 'if you don't do this, then we will have to do such and such,' it is best that you just let it go and move on. Otherwise there is always another, and this, and this, and this." The letter doesn't condemn Byrne, but clarifies why Hicks no longer appears in The Secret. Hicks has since posted a video on YouTube further explaining her discomfort with The Secret and finally, her decision to discontinue involvement with the film

In September 2004, Hay House, Inc (Esther Hicks) published the Hicks' book Ask And It Is Given. Many more books were soon published after, including The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent (January 2006), The Law of Attraction (October 2006), The Astonishing Power of Emotions (September 2008), Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth & Happiness, and The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships (2009). Also, A series of fictional Children's books, Sara I, II, and III, was also published.

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