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Greg Stamper

(July 14, 1976 -- Present)

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Greg Stamper is a fourth generation ordained interfaith minister, author, musician, recording artist, and life coach. He also is the Co-Founder and Co-Pastor of the Celebration Spiritual Center, located in New York.

Greg Stamper was born in Silver Spring, MD. As a child, he served and played many roles within the church. At the age of five years old, Greg wrote his first Gospel song titled "Come To Heaven (With Me)". He later attended Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD., and also studied at the New York Theological Seminary, located in New York. His music is currently sung by choirs and churches around the world. Stamper has performed in venues such as Carnegie Hall and Constitution Hall. His debut solo album "One With You" was released in 2010.

Pastor Greg is currently Co-leads as Pastor of the Celebration Spiritual Center, along with Pastor Yolanda Batts. The Center was founded in March, 2013, and continues to be a thriving ministry, bringing a powerful and positive perspective and influence to the local community of Brooklyn, New York, and to the New Thought movement itself.

Pastor Greg is a dedicated practitioner of the Transcendental Meditation Technique. He is also the creator of the "90 Days to Greatness", which is a coaching program designed to support those who are seeking to use spiritual and metaphysical principles to help them create and achieve mastery, and a greater sense of well-being in their every day lives.

Stamper also has 20 years of experience in IT management and support, as well as Mac Engineering and Administration. He is currently the IT Manager for WITNESS, a global human rights organization that is based in Brooklyn, New York. Greg Stamper has made an appearance on the Dr. Oz Show, and is also featured on the New Thought Channel. Greg has one daughter, Malcolm Anaya Stamper.

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