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Quotes by Joe Dispenza

Inspirational Quotes by Joe Dispenza

“If you want a new outcome, you will have to break the habit of being yourself, and reinvent a new self.” --Joe Dispenza

“A memory without the emotional charge is called wisdom." --Joe Dispenza

“We should never wait for science to give us permission to do the uncommon; if we do, then we are turning science into another religion.” --Joe Dispenza

“To be happy with yourself in the present moment while maintaining a dream of your future is a grand recipe for manifestation. When you feel so whole that you no longer care whether “it” will happen, that’s when amazing things materialize before your eyes. ” --Joe Dispenza

“The quantum field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being.” --Joe Dispenza

“We’re addicted to our beliefs; we’re addicted to the emotions of our past. We see our beliefs as truths, and not as ideas that we can change.” --Joe Dispenza

“If we have very strong beliefs about something, evidence to the contrary could be sitting right in front of us, but we may not see it because what we perceive is entirely different.” --Joe Dispenza

“If you become aware of your automatic habits and your are conscious of your unconscious behaviors so you can not go unconscious again, then you are changing” --Joe Dispenza

“The privilege of being a human being is that we can make a thought seem more real than anything else.” --Joe Dispenza

“We can mold and shape our brain by paying attention. If we can hold on to an idea, we begin to wire and shape our brain.” --Joe Dispenza

“Spend time, contemplating who you want to be. The mere process of contemplating who you want to be, begins to change your brain.” --Joe Dispenza

“Remind yourself every single day of who you want to be and you will cause your brain to fire in new sequences, in new patterns, in new combinations. And whenever you make your brain work differently, you are changing your mind.” --Joe Dispenza

“It’s a universal principle that you get more of what you think about, talk about, and feel strongly about.” --Joe Dispenza

“The moment you decide to no longer think the same way, act the same way or live by the same emotions, it’s going to feel uncomfortable. And the moment you feel uncomfortable, you just stepped into the river of change.” --Joe Dispenza

“The hardest part about change is not making the same choices you made the day before.” --Joe Dispenza

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