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Terry Cole-Whittaker

(August 19, 1944 -- Present)

Terry Cole Whittaker

Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker is a New Thought writer and a minister for the United Church of Religious Science. She is also the founder of the Terry Cole-Whittaker Ministries and Adventures in Enlightenment.

Terry became familiar with what she calls "the Principles of Prosperity" during her time at highschool. After enrolling in college, she became the homecoming queen and president of the Freshman class. She would later go on to enter the Mrs. America pateant, becoming Mrs. California and winning third place in the national competition. She later joined the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera and became an opera singer. Soon after, she would venture out to start her own company, Success Plus, in which she became one of the first conductors of the Human Potential seminars for several corporations, along with becoming a successful motivational and inspirational speaker during the time.

Terry Cole-Whittaker earned a Doctor of Divinity degree in 1973, and was ordained as a minister of the United Church of Religious Science in 1975. She became the pastor of a fifty-member congregation of that church in La Jolla in 1977. The church grew well under her leadership, drawing numbers as high as 5,000 for Easter Sunday, eventually expanding to include a grammar school, ministry school, and five teaching centers. She began a television program in 1979, which at one time became syndicated to 15 television stations throughout the country.

In 1982, Cole-Whittaker left the United Church of Religious Science and founded the Terry Cole-Whittaker Ministires. She continued her success, drawing in thousands of people to her weekly services and traveling as a lecturer and workshop leader. In 1985, personal financial concerns prompted her to cease production of the television show and create a new foundation called "Adventures in Enlightenment". The Foundation later purchased land in Washington in order to build a retreat center and start an organic farm. It was at this time that Terry started an ashram and library in India to teach Westerners the traditional Indian religion.

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