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Quotes by Stuart Wilde

Inspirational Quotes by Stuart Wilde

“There is no amount of money in the world that will make you comfortable if you are not comfortable with yourself.” " --Stuart Wilde

“There is nothing more marvelous than doing something you love to do and getting paid for it. It ceases to become work, money, and effort; and it becomes fun, your expression of the joy of life.” -- Stuart Wilde

“Everything is out there waiting for you. All you have to do is walk up and declare yourself in. No need for permission. You just need courage to say, 'Include me'. Providing you have the energy to pull it off you can do what you like.” ” --Stuart Wilde

“If you don't change, reality in the end forces that change upon you.” --Stuart Wilde

“Lean toward love at all times, cut people slack, forgive and forget, and be kind, very kind; the more you do that, the less fear you will have. People will raise up to support you. Refuse to be scared in this lifetime.” Stuart Wilde - Mastery Of Money --Stuart Wilde

“Life was never meant to be a struggle, just a gentle progression from one point to another, much like walking through a valley on a sunny day.” --Stuart Wilde

“To pine for an alternative past is a waste of energy. In the pristine world of your infinite spiritual self, there is no sin or negative energy. There is only compassion, learning, and unconditional love and forgiveness. Remind yourself and those around you of this fact. In the light of God, everything is healed and seen to be perfect.” ” --Stuart Wilde

“To be considered sane is to comprehend your irrelevance, once you do that, you are passed fit for human consumption” --Stuart Wilde

“Spirituality is the act of becoming more normal and eventually disappearing completely. ” --Stuart Wilde

“Nurturing a ‘nostalgia for eternity’ redeems your soul for it carries you silently towards the light even in the darkest times” --Stuart Wilde

“Because there is so much lovelessness around us, we are like glow worms, we have to make do with our own light.” --Stuart Wilde

“Julius Caesar said, “I came. I saw. I conquered”. He was murdered—conquering is fairly dangerous, try to avoid it.” --Stuart Wilde

“There certainly is a New World Disorder coming that the politicians so love to promote. Chaos!” --Stuart Wilde

“The light at the end of tunnel was just fine and dandy, it was the tunnel at the end of the light that bothered me.” --Stuart Wilde

“The trick to money is having some. If you raise your energy people will be pulled to you, when they show up, bill ‘em.” --Stuart Wilde

“I saw all these visions one after the next that told me ‘no more drinking,’ I didn’t miss it—the visions that is. (Just kiddin’)” --Stuart Wilde

“It’s all backwards. I discovered in 2001 that hell is freezing cold and cruel, it’s not hot, and there is a heaven below us straight down where the celestial light comes from sometimes, and in the Northern hemisphere there are more stars below us than above us. Seek to go the opposite way, it’s a jolly crafty move.” --Stuart Wilde

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